Steel Adjustable High-Performance Lay-in Diffuser (TMSA3)

by Titus

Model: TMSA3
Lay-in Diffuser, 24x24 Module

Titus Model TMSA  diffusers feature adjustable vanes which vary the discharge pattern between vertical and horizontal for heating and cooling applications. These diffusers deliver supply air in 360º pattern and are designed to protect ceilings from smudging. All sizes have 3 cones providing a uniform appearance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Delivers supply air in a true 360 degree air pattern
  • Designed to protect ceilings from streaking and smudging
  • Excellent for variable air volume systems
  • The 3-cone design provides uniformity and enhances appearance in installations

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ASU BioDesign Institute Building-LEED Gold Certified Case Study
Ohio Union LEED Silver Certified Case Study