Plaster Frame For Lay-in Diffuser (TRM)

by Titus

Product Name: TRM
Aluminum rapid mount frame/plaster frame

Titus mounting frames make installation of grilles, diffusers and other ceiling components in plaster and sheet rock ceilings as simple as inserting them in a standard T-bar type ceiling. For typical applications, the frame has adjustable fastening clips which adapt to a variety of plaster and sheet rock ceiling thicknesses.

Features & Benefits

  •  Model TRM TITUS Rapid Mount Frame allows T-bar, lay-in type diffusers(border Type 3) to be installed in surface mounting applications (border Type 1)
  • TRM frame is installed in opening and secured in place using security clips
  • Screws are mounted ush in frame mounting holes
  • Rapid Mount Frame can be mounted in plaster or sheet rock ceiling
  • The TRM can be used to access ceiling plenum
  • Diffuser with flex connection can be lifted out of frame to access ceiling space
  • Material is aluminum with steel fasteners

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