Adjustable, Gasket-Tipped Blade Plenum Slot Diffuser (TBDI-80)

by Titus

Model Number: TBDI-80
Lay-in T-Bar Diffuser, 2 Slot, 1" Slot Width 

Titus TBD series plenum slot diffusers provide flexibility, great performance and ease of installation. Their adjustability and streamlined appearance make them the industry standard for plenum slot diffusers. The TBD-80 works with many types of ceiling systems - plaster, splined, regressed, and standard lay-in.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for the restricted ceiling spaces in many modern buildings
  • Excellent choice for variable air volume operation and has the extra advantage of minimizing smudges on the ceiling
  • Handles a large volume of air at low pressure drop and noise level

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Oak Park Library Case Study