VAV Controller with Integrated Actuator (ASIC/1-6000)
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VAV Controller with Integrated Actuator (ASIC/1-6000)

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  • Integrated Damper Actuator
  • Calibrated on-board airflow sensor
  • Auto-changeover
  • Lighting control
  • Variable user adjust
  • After-hours override
  • Trending

The ASIC/1-6000 is an integrated VAV controller/actuator. It can be used with electric heat or hot water valve reheat, and in fan powered boxes. This controller is suitable for pressure-independent or pressure-dependent applications. Preconfigured sequences for the controller include cooling damper only, hot water or electric reheat, and intermittent or constant fan.

The controller includes an on-board calibrated airflow sensor, and is used to maintain the space temperature by varying the air volume. ASI VAV controllers are designed to work with temperature sensors from the ASI WS-0x1 family, with pre-tuned PI algorithms to accurately maintain space temperature. This pressure independent controller is mounted on the VAV terminal being controlled. The controller provides 6 universal inputs, 5 binary outputs and an analog output.

Additional features include Auto Changeover, Lighting Control, Variable User Adjust, AfterHours Override, and onboard Trending. The controller can be ordered in an optional enclosure (shown here).

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