Variable Air Volume (VAV) Controller (ASIC/1-8800-DD)
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Variable Air Volume (VAV) Controller (ASIC/1-8800-DD)

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Product Name: ASIC/1-8800-DD

The ASIC/1-8800 is a VAV controller suited for for the control of pressure independent Variable Air Volume (VAV), Fan-Powered VAV, Dual Duct and Volume Tracking terminal units. It includes pre-programmed personalities for typical applications.

Tracking functionality enables creation of positive or negative pressure zones for chip fab clean rooms, hospital isolation rooms and other special need applications. The controller maintains the space temperature by varying the air volume which is monitored by on-board airflow sensors. The controller monitors zone temperature through a WS-0X1 Wall Sensor and calculates the correct air volume to be distributed to the space by comparing the zone temperature with the cooling and heating setpoints.