Packaged AC and Heat Pump Controller (ASIC/1-8655)
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Packaged AC and Heat Pump Controller (ASIC/1-8655)

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Product Name: ASIC/1-8655


  • 8 Form C (NO,NC) relay outputs with isolated return
  • 2 Analog Outputs 0-10 Vdc
  • 2-Part Screw Terminals
  • Modulating economizer
  • CO2 demand ventilation
  • Auxiliary heating / Cooling
  • Lighting control
  • Changeover analog output

The ASIC/1-8655 is a pre-programmed DDC controller for use in controlling Packaged rooftop Air Conditioner units and Heat Pumps. This controller maintains the space temperature by turning on and off stages of heating or cooling. The controller comes pre-configured with personalities suited for air conditioning units with up to 4 stages of cooling and 2 stages of heating, with optional auxiliary cooling and auxiliary electric or gas heat, 4 water source heat pump configurations for up to 2 stages of compressor heating and cooling, and up to 1 additional heating stage. The controller comes with two analog outputs. Additional features include a modulating Economizer, CO2 based demand ventilation, Lighting Control, and Changeover Analog Output.

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