Fully Configurable Controller with Clock (ASIC/2-8540)
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Fully Configurable Controller with Clock (ASIC/2-8540)

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Product Name: ASIC/2-8540

Fully Configurable controller, capable of unitary functions and supervisory (ASI or Modbus RTU) functions.
Needs power supply rated at 24 Vac.

Product Features

  • 8 Universal Inputs
  • 8 Relay Outputs, Form C
  • 4 Analog Outputs, 0-10 Vdc
  • Battery-backed hardware clock
  • System bus for communication access
  • Local bus for supervision of terminal controllers, or Modbus Master RTU
  • Direct RS-232 communication user access.
  • Optional Ethernet Adapter (future release)
  • Compatible with ASI WebLink & ASI Data Server products

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