"Aero-Cross" DESV Flow Sensor

by Titus

Model: "Aero-Cross" DESV Flow Sensor

The flow sensor is the most important component of a VAV terminal. The flow sensor measures the total and static pressure in a terminal so that a controller can calculate the cfm through the unit. If the flow sensor does not provide accurate information to the controller, the controller cannot determine actual cfm, and therefore cannot maintain comfort in the space.

A flow sensor that can measure accurately regardless of inlet conditions simplifies and takes much of the guesswork out of the balancing and commissioning process.

The Titus multi-point center averaging flow sensor is the number one sensor on the market because it is accurate regardless of inlet conditions. A flow se nsor should provide flow signal amplification and immunity from poor inlet conditions, while keeping pressure drop and sound levels to a minimum. In addition, a flow sensor should have a high degree of repeatability and sturdy construction.

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