Uninsulated Duct (UPC 050)


ATCO’s UPC #050 is a UL 181 Class 1 Air Connector which meets the requirements of NFPA (90A & 90B). UPC #050 is manufactured with a tough triple ply duct wall construction. 25’ lengths, which can be easily cut to desired length, are compressed and packed in small, easy to store cartons. The UPC #050 is air-tight and is designed for low to medium operating pressures in HVAC systems.

A triple lamination of tough metallized polyester, aluminum foil, and polyester encapsulates a steel wire helix and forms the air-tight uninsulated flexible duct of ATCO’s UPC #050.

UPC #050 is designed to be used as a supply, return, and exhaust duct in low to medium pressure heating, air conditioning, and exhaust systems. ATCO’s UPC #050 can be used in an air distribution system, connecting ducts, mixing boxes, diffusers, light troffers, room inlets, or other terminal devices where an uninsulated flexible air connector is required.

Performance Data

  • Rated Positive Pressure: 10” w.g. per UL-181 (UL Listed pressure ratings are determined in straight lengths @ ambient temperatures.) 
  • Recommended Operating Pressures (Determined in a 90° bend at elevated temperatures in accordance with ADC FD 72-R1 Test Code.) 
  • Maximum Positive:
    6” w.g. - all diameters
    4” w.g. - 14” thru 20” Dia.
    (With factory installed metal collars, 2” w.g. - all diameters) 
  • Maximum Negative:
    ¾” w.g. - all diameters 
  • Maximum Velocity: 5,000 FPM 
  • Maximum Operating Temperatures:
    High 180° F internal
    -20° F external 
  • Flame Spread: Less than 25 
  • Smoke Developed: Less than 50

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